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DentiAnn Color Cotton Roll Dispenser

Product SelectionBlueGreenBlackRedProduct FeaturesWheel type cotton roll dispenser turns the side wh..

₱1,200.00 Ex Tax: ₱1,200.00

DentiAnn Irrigation Needle 23G Luer-lock type, 100ea/pkg

Product composition (size and color)23G (0.64mm x 25mm)Product FeaturesSuitable for 5cc, 10cc, and 2..

₱650.00 Ex Tax: ₱650.00

New-One Luxury & Premium Disposable Brush 100, 500, 1000pcs/pkg

Product SelectionPink or purple (The type will be sent at random)Product FeatureDisposable toothbrus..

Starting From ₱1,000.00 Ex Tax: ₱10.00

Sterilizing Net (280 x 220 x 50mm)

Product composition (size and color)280 x 220 x 50mmProduct FeaturesGood for disinfection and cleani..

₱510.00 Ex Tax: ₱510.00

Suction Brush (3mm, 6mm)

Product SelectionSelect between 3mm, 6mm, (3mm, 6mm bundle)Product Composition (size and color) ..

₱0.00 Ex Tax: ₱0.00

Universal Barrier Film (Cross-infection protection sheet) for Refill, S1808212

Product composition (size and color)460B (Blue): 4 "x 6" 1200 Sheet Material: 100% Polyethylene Thic..

₱2,200.00 Ex Tax: ₱2,200.00

Universal Barrier Film, Cross-infection protection sheet Set, S1312053

Product Composition4 "x 6" sized 1,200 sheets a rollPlastic dispenserMaterial: 100% PolyethyleneThic..

₱3,000.00 Ex Tax: ₱3,000.00

Denti Ann needle Box/100pcs

Product SelectionChoose between 27G S, 27G L, 30G S, 30G L, 30G X-S, 30G X-LProduct FeaturesPerfect ..

₱490.00 Ex Tax: ₱490.00

Anti Fog Eye Protection Face Mask (50pcs/pkg w/ shields & ribbons) Sold Out

Anti Fog Eye Protection Face Mask (50pcs/pkg w/ shields & ribbons)

- Multiple use for full protection of face, eye and forehead in surgical.- Super comfort & flexi..

₱1,420.00 Ex Tax: ₱1,420.00