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DentiAnn Curing Shield

Product composition (size and color)122 x 251mm Thickness 6mm Weight 70gProduct FeaturesCu..

₱700.00 Ex Tax: ₱700.00

DentiAnn Etchant 37% (3ml x 1 syringe)

Product Selection37%: Select between HV and LVProduct composition (size and color)DentiAnn Etch 3ml ..

Starting From ₱600.00 Ex Tax: ₱600.00

DentiAnn Handpiece Stand (10 holes)

Product SelectionChoose between white and green (currently random color delivery)Product composition..

₱1,120.00 Ex Tax: ₱1,120.00

Extracted Tooth Keeping Mouse Container 100 pcs/pkg

Product composition (size and color)Color: Pink, Fluorescent orange, Green, Yellow 4 color blendProd..

₱23.00 Ex Tax: ₱23.00

Extracted Tooth Keeping Mouse Container, 4 mice/pkg

Product composition (size and color)Color: Random choice among Pink, Fluorescent orange, Green, Yell..

₱100.00 Ex Tax: ₱100.00

Handpiece Tubing Drape 5M, S0708001

Product SelectionChoose between 5cm and 7cmProduct composition (size and color)120cmProduct UsageHan..

₱600.00 Ex Tax: ₱600.00

New Yellow Mixing Tips for Light Body

For perfect mixing, Catalyst and Base should be in 1: 1 ratio.With Seil global's new yellow mixing t..

₱9.80 Ex Tax: ₱9.80

Super-Lite (LED.B - Woodpecker) S0712204

Product composition (size and color)Dimension: 31 x 34 x 260mm Weight: 145g Light Output: ..

₱9,500.00 Ex Tax: ₱9,500.00

Denti Ann needle Box/100pcs

Product SelectionChoose between 27G S, 27G L, 30G S, 30G L, 30G X-S, 30G X-LProduct FeaturesPerfect ..

₱490.00 Ex Tax: ₱490.00

Anti Fog Eye Protection Face Mask (50pcs/pkg w/ shields & ribbons) Sold Out

Anti Fog Eye Protection Face Mask (50pcs/pkg w/ shields & ribbons)

- Multiple use for full protection of face, eye and forehead in surgical.- Super comfort & flexi..

₱1,420.00 Ex Tax: ₱1,420.00

CharmBond Kit - One Component Dentin & Enamel Bonding Agent(S0307295)

CharmBond® KitLight Curing One Component Dentin & Enamel Bonding AgentCharmBond® is an adhesive ..

₱2,800.00 Ex Tax: ₱2,800.00