DentiAnn Etchant 37% (3ml x 1 syringe)

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Product Selection

  • 37%: Select between HV and LV

Product composition (size and color)

  • DentiAnn Etch 3ml x 1syringes
  • Color: Dark blue

Product Usage

  • Applicable range: Applied as pretreatment of teeth to give adhesion of resin etc. of teeth

Product Features

  • Acid etching agent that treats the surface of tooth to maximize adhesion of resin and so on for pretreatment of teeth 
  • Designed to be convenient to remove dentin and enamel smear layer - 
  • Remnant remains after washing 
  • Less risk of tooth erosion 
  • Perfect flow allows only the desired site 
  • Maximization of adhesion between tooth and restoration and prosthesis 
  • ▶ Product stability data (MSDS)

How to use

  1.  Remove the moisture from the site to be treated. 
  2.  Apply this product to the tooth surface and wait. 
  3. Remove the contents with water and wash with excess water. 
  4. Be careful not to contaminate the treated surface with saliva and perform the following procedure.


  1. Before use Check whether there is any remarkable deformation, discoloration, crack, foreign matter, etc. before use. 
  2. Check the cleanliness of the product before use. 
  3.  Do not use any product that appears to be unopened, such as damaged packaging or discoloration. 
  4. Only the dentist who is familiar with the procedure and the anatomy of the location of the procedure will perform the procedure. 
  5. Immediately dispose of defective or misused products. 
  6.  After use, be sure to remove the needle and close the cap.

Expiration date

  • Storage: It is recommended to store in a cool, dry place (5 ℃ ~ 24 ℃).

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DentiAnn Etchant 37% (3ml x 1 syringe)

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DentiAnn Etch 3ml x 1 syringe

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