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FDA CLEARED Handheld Portable X-Ray Great Deal

The Dexcowin DX3000 is wireless, handheld, and completely portable, no longer a need for designated X-ray rooms. With this, make every room an X-ray room! Save the cost of purchasing multiple X-ray machines. Remove time wasted moving out of the room between every shot. Take X-rays anywhere! Save money. Save space. Save Time.


The DX3000 takes dental radiography to a whole new level. With the ergonomic design of the DX3000, just point and shoot like you would with a camera and minimize your chances of taking a bad shot. Performing X-ray exposures has never been such a breeze! Works with any radiographic medium of your choosing, from film to digital sensors and even PS (photostimulable phosphor) plates. The DX3000 is wireless, handheld, and completely portable. There is no longer a need for designated X-ray machine rooms. With the DX3000, make every room an X-ray room! Save the cost of purchasing multiple X-ray machines. Remove time wasted moving out of the room between every shot. Uses rechargeable Li-poly batteries so there is also no need to be in proximity of a power source. Take X-rays anywhere! Save money. Save space. Save Time. Increase productivity at your office with the latest advancement in dental radiography!
The DX3000 system has repeatedly been shown, test after test, to be safer than conventional wall mount X-ray systems. At as low as 1/7 the power of conventional X-ray machines, the DX3000 system minimizes exposure to harmful radiation while still maintaining comparable, if not superior, image quality. The X-ray generator and the cone of the DX3000 systems are sealed with multiple layers of lead to negate any leakage radiation. And with the implementation of our backscatter shield, the operator is safe from X-rays reflecting off the patient during exposures.

FDA CLEARED Handheld portable x-ray


With the advancements in dental technology, the field of dentistry has been revolutionized in the past few decades. The inventions of modern dental equipment like Rotary Endo motors and digital radiography have solved many problems for the dentists worldwide. From the very first day, root canal treatment was a nightmare for general dentists due to the technicalities, blindness of therapy and number of dental radiographs required during work. Many patients avoided the root canal treatment due to the fear of long visits and radiation exposures. Portable dental digital radiography has eliminated the dilemmas for the dentist and patients.Dexcowin presents cordless portable digital All-in-one Xray system for the convenience of dental professional finding difficulties in diagnosis and root canal treatment procedures.  The system has Portable DX3000 x-ray machine which is easy to carry around your dental surgery saving a lot of your precious time and extra equipment which is essential for conventional radiography system.It has the following features, 

Portable DX3000 Dexco can increase the success rate of your treatment procedures. It can help you in the exact diagnosis of anomalies. It can aid you in doing single visit root canal treatment procedures. In short, it can get lucky for your dental practice in this period of competition. Just mail us for getting the delivery of Dexcowin’s latest Portable DX3000 Dexco camera to your dental clinic.

  • Convenience of being cordless using rechargeable Li-polymer battery pack
  • Benefit of having a great reduction of X ray exposure to the patient and dentist i-e, about 1/7 radiation of the conventional X ray machines
  • Has a high frequency circuit of inverter type incorporated in it
  • Has a most suitable and diverse sensor system
  • Provides the convenience of taking 3000 shots with a fully charged battery
  • Having the most compact size and weight among the existing portable X ray systems in the market
  • Having a graphic LCD display for the ease of diagnosing even a minor abnormality or defect
  • Specialized radiation safety measures are incorporated in the system
  • Very easy to use with a comfortable handle for holding it.

About this product
Warranty 2 years covered by manufacturer
Origin Korea
Trademark Dexcowin

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Dexcowin DX3000 Portable X-Ray

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