Oneplant External(FHT) & Internal(FIT) Tapered Fixtures

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About the Training: A dental implant is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis or to act as an orthodontic anchor. The basis for modern dental implants is a biologic process called osseointegration where materials, such as titanium, form an intimate bond to bone.
With this six months program, dentist will learn the basic, comprehensive and easy way to put an implant on a live patient; the trainees will be guided by our expert implantologist following oneplant surgical protocol. Dentist will also be taught on how to manipulate and interpret dental imaging using the CBCT for proper diagnosis. Bone graft placement and material of choice will be demonstrated and if selective cases needs bone graft, participants will have a chance to placed bone graft with their patient. In addition, participants will also know the purpose or uses of each prosthetic components; and proper impression techniques in order to achieved a satisfactory results of a finished well designed prosthetic crown.

Why to Enroll? With members from around the world focused on learning about Dental Implants and its advances; this is your best opportunity to reach higher potentials to be implantologist from the Dental Implants community. Conduct presentations, distribute information, the most recent techniques, developments, and the newest updates in Dental Implants are hallmarks on this sessions.


  • Implant/Fixture
  • Cover screw
  • Healing abutment
  • Analogue
  • Impression coping (transfer or pick-up type)
  • Top abutment (2 piece type or Titanium Cylinder)
  • Scrub suite
  • Cast model (Mandible or Maxillary)
  • CBCT for actual patient
  • Laboratory fee (PFM)

    * One(1) item each, subject to charge for additional materials.


  • Bonegraft material and membrane (if your case requires)
  • Impression material/ trays (for Prosthetic part)
  • Suturing material (for hands-on model & actual patient)
  • Hand instruments (for hands-on model & actual patient)
  • Disposable syringe for saline solution  (for hands-on model & actual patient)



Session 1: Brief Introduction of Dental implants, followed by Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

  • Dr. Benjamin Racela
  • Dr. Amando Fuentes Jr.
  • Dr. Rico Gerochi
  • Dr. Jose Yulo

Model cast - to know the mesio distal; buccalingual diameter in cm. and their inter arch distance relationship
Panoramic x-ray – guide for implant placement to avoid damage of the vital anatomical landmarks
Surgical guide plate – together with the panoramic x-ray determines the implant size to be placed
Prosthetic in Implant Dentistry Lectured (by Dr. Amando Fuentes)

Session 2: CBCT interpretation and manipulation

Separate LECTURE about Dental Cone- beam Computed Tomography also known as CBCT interpretation and manipulation. This data are used to reconstruct a 3 dimensional (3D) image of the following regions of the patient anatomy: dental; oral and maxilla facial region


Session 3(1st day, the day to be scheduled)

A. Surgical protocol on implant placement

  • Dr. Benjamin Racela
  • Dr. Rico Gerochi
  • Dr. Amando Fuentes Jr.
  • Dr. Jose Yulo

Anatomical limitations of implant placement - This will guide dentist the ideal distance of implant placement to vital anatomical landmarks(ex. Inferior alveolar nerve, maxillary sinus, mental foramen, incisive foramen)

Implant size selection - Dentist will be thought on the proper selection of implant size basing on the catalog availability, with proper treatment planning using diagnostic imaging.

Incision and flap design - Participants will be guided on proper technique and instrumentation for incision and proper flap deflection.

Types of bone densities - This will enhance the participants on identifying several types of bone densities(ex. D1, D2, D3, D4 bone type)
Types of bone graft material and how they are placed

Suturing - proper techniques and materials needed to initiate immediate healing

B. Hands on drilling on a model cast using Phantom Head

  • Dr. Benjamin Racela
  • Dr. Rico Gerochi
  • Dr. Amando Fuentes
  • Dr. Jose Yulo

Participants have to experience the different types of bone densities. Followed by case approval of patient ideal for their implant placement– this will enhance participants the tactile sense of different types bone hardness during sequence drilling using surgical kit to a model cast or bone like material

Session 4: Case Presentation(2nd day, the following day of the 1st day)

Participants will present their cases, on how will they select implant sizes with regards to the diameter and length necessary for placement.

Session 5: Live implant placement by Group A(3rd day, the following day of the 2nd day)

  • Dr. Benjamin Racela
  • Dr. Amando Fuentes
  • Dr. Rico Gerochi
  • Dr. Jose Yulo

20 participants will be divided into 2 separate sessions: Dentist will experience actual placement of implants upon approval of their patient under the direct supervision of Oneplant key doctor.

Session 6: Live implant placement by Group B(4th day, the following day of 3rd day)

2nd group for live implant placement

  • Dr. Benjamin Racela
  • Dr. Rico Gerochi
  • Dr. Amando Fuentes
  • Dr. Jose Yulo


Session 7: Second stage surgery (the day to be scheduled)

  • Dr. Benjamin Racela
  • Dr. Rico Gerochi
  • Dr. Jose Yulo

3 months after of implant placement— Stage wherein cover screw will be exposed by way of tissue punch or a conservative crestal incision. After which healing abutment is placed with proper selection based on the size availability of one plant catalogue which will give an ideal emergence profile of gum tissue.

Gum or Cuff height measurement
Selection of Healing Abutment
How to expose cover screw, conservative crestal incision/Tissue punch


Session 8: 1st day(to be scheduled)

Brief Lecture of Prosthetic components(3 weeks after 2nd stage surgery)

  • Dr. Jose Yulo
  • Dr. Amando Fuentes Jr.

Laboratory components familiarization prior to impression taking.. This phase will demonstrate types of impression techniques open and closed type

Impression coping ( transfer coping & pick up type coping) selection
Final abutment ( Top abutment/ 2pc abutment) selection
Analog size selection

Session 9: 2nd day of Prosthetic components(the following day of 1st day)

  • Dr. Jose Yulo
  • Dr. Amando Fuentes Jr.


Session 10( to be scheduled)

Crown Delivery: 2 weeks after impression making

  • Dr. Jose Yulo
  • Dr. Amando Fuentes Jr.

Lecture w/ power point presentation on step by step procedure on final cementation

Completion Ceremony
Completion Ceremony follows after cementation; this includes awarding of certificates


Course Fee : P65,000

FIT33085 FIT33100 FIT33115 FIT33130 FIT43070 FIT43085 FIT43100 FIT43115 FIT43130 FIT48070 FIT48085 FIT48100 FIT48115 FIT48130 FIT53070 FIT53080 FIT53100 FIT53115 FIT53130 FIT63070 FIT63085 FIT63100 FIT63115

About this product
Brand Name ONEPLANT manufactured by Warantec
Origin Korea
Distributor Osseointegration Inc. (Oneplant Philippines)
How to order Please contact our regional implant specialist or call Osseointegration Inc. (02-8040015)
Training Open 6 months Comprehensive Oneplant Training Course in Gerochi Dental Implant Center (Course Director: Dr. Axel Gerochi) located in Makati City
Technical Summary
Material Titanium Grade 4
Surface of Fixture SLAdvance
Type of Implant Tapered Body
Remarks Possible Immediate Implanting right after Extraction / Easy Osseointegration even under lacking initial stability
Connection type Internal Hexagon

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Oneplant External(FHT) & Internal(FIT) Tapered Fixtures

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Made in Korea

SLA surface coated

Connection: Internal Oct Type (FIT) & External Hex connection(FHT)

Link: Cover Screw, Healing Abutment or other components

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